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With Cogent World’s talent procurement services, we’ll find the right people to communicate your brand message effectively.

When it comes to celebrity and influencer marketing, authenticity is key. If your partnerships don’t appear authentic, customers won’t engage.

Get in front of new people and enhance your reach while actively promoting your brand’s message through talent procurement and relationship management.

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Cogent World connects great brands with premier talent. The right partnerships can bolster your company image and take your campaigns to new heights.


Celebrity Talent Procurement Done Right

When considering celebrity or influencer partnerships, there are a myriad of factors that can determine the overall success of your campaign. Who should you partner with? How do you get in touch and negotiate a deal? Is this the right talent to communicate your brand’s message to a fresh audience.

You could try to answer those questions on your own. But even then, you might find it difficult to form partnerships if you don’t already have connections.

Cogent World handles talent procurement for you. We specialize in influencer and celebrity acquisition, taking care of everything from developing your talent strategy to negotiating contracts and deals.

More than 59% of Americans say celebrity endorsements influence their behavior

Talent Strategy and Alignment

Celebrity and talent procurement is about forming relationships with people who align with your brand. We help you to find the right partners and create strategies to maximize the combined impact of your relationship

PR Amplification

Leverage celebrity talent procurement for public relations and leverage your partnerships to increase brand awareness, recognition, and consumer trust.

Custom Insights and Reports

How effective is your talent procurement strategy? We answer that question with detailed reports and analytical insights that provide the data you need to refine campaigns for maximum impact.

Over half of internet users follow at least one celebrity account on social media

How Can We Help?

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