The sensations, feelings, thoughts and emotions we experience with brands can stay with us for years. From the relationships and events we attend, to the sights, smells and sounds we partake in, Brand Experiences cultivate engagement and growth.
Our premier brand experience agency curates experiential events for maximum impact. As part of a complete brand marketing strategy, your company can prosper in the hearts and minds of an audience that has connected with your products and services in meaningful ways.​
Brand Experiences cultivate shared moments as part of something special.
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Celebrity Influencer Deals


Brand Partnerships


Grab your audience’s attention with exciting events. Build on that connection with long-term customer relationship strategies to enhance your brand in the hearts and minds of your fans.

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Curate the Perfect Experience

Brand experiences aspire to cultivate meaningful moments that capture people’s imaginations and reinforce positive engagement with your brand. Cogent World brand experience design focuses on exceptional events with premier talent attended by the right audience.
We handle everything from activation and talent programming to managing the events your organization sponsors. With one of the leading brand strategy companies by your side, you’ll get involved in amazing events that leverage the right industry relationships to expand your reach and grow your business.

A Brand Experience Strategy Tailored To Your Organization


Align your company with experiences and events that speak directly to your target audience. By collaborating on experiences your customers care about, you cultivate authentic relationships that can speak to millions.​

Engage on Social Media

Marketing at an event is the first step. Engaging with attendees on social media is next level brand experience marketing. We can help you see and interpret what people are saying about your event to ensure you keep your audience engaged long after an event is over.​

Designed for Success

Curating the perfect event can be difficult. Rely on our brand strategy consulting team to design your experience, find the right people, and help run it so it goes off without a hitch. Take the hard work off your plate and just focus on the results.​

Engage the Senses With Brand Experiences That Generate Long-Term Benefits

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What Is a Brand Experience?

When it comes to brands, from  major companies to smaller local producers, consumers have more options than ever before. To succeed, the most successful brands

Influencer Marketing

What Is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

According to BigCommerce, 17% of companies spend at least half of their marketing budgets on influencer marketing. Furthermore, Variety reports that 60% of millennials will take advice from YouTube

How Can We Help?

Cogent World creates strategic communications that inspire people to take action. Ready to cut through the noise and broaden your marketing reach? Get started with one of the top entertainment marketing agencies in the United States – contact Cogent World:

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