Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a massive number of dedicated and loyal followers on social media. Leveraging this influence to align with your marketing goals relies on effective partnerships to drive authentic audience and brand engagement with your company.
By partnering with authentic influencers that align with your industry, vision, and mission, you can unlock one of the most powerful marketing strategies of the 21st century. Whether you’ve used influencer marketing firms before or you’re new to this marketing channel, Cogent World provides the full-service solution you need.

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If you haven’t used influencer marketing firms before or you’re just getting into the influencer marketing channel, Cogent World provides the solutions you need to grow your business. Our influencer agency can connect you with the best influencers for your brand image, create a full media and content development strategy, and offer in-depth reporting to measure your results.

Cultivate Meaningful Partnerships

How powerful are relationships with influencers?

They’re significant enough that 80% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is effective for growing businesses. Better yet, 71% of marketers agree that the quality of leads and traffic they receive from influencer marketing is more impactful than they receive from many other traditional sources.

Why is that?

Influencers captivate loyal audiences. The people who follow influencers trust their opinions and are often more likely to use the services that influencers endorse. Your brand can leverage that trust to get products and services in front of a targeted audience of potential clients. As a leading influencer agency, Cogent World has curated over 5,000 deals between brands and influencers.

Power Up Your Growth With Influencer Marketing Services That Deliver Spectacular ROI

Up to 11x ROI

The best influencer marketing firms don’t simply hook you up with influencers. They help you create impactful marketing strategies to leverage your influencer’s audience to generate awareness, engagement and sales. With the right strategy, an influencer marketing company can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional marketing initiatives.

Research Done for You

Perhaps you don’t know which influencers are the best fit for your brand. Let us do the heavy lifting. Cogent World handles research and identification to find the best influencers who authentically align with your company’s mission, values, and ethos.

Detailed Campaign Management

Our influencer marketing service extends beyond helping you find and negotiate with leading influencers. Our campaign management services ensure you’re constantly creating campaigns that lead to more awareness, engagement and, ultimately, sales. Our influencer reporting and analytics services mean you’re always in the know.

Influencer Marketing Can Cultivate Long-Term Benefits

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