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What makes Cogent World one of the top entertainment marketing agencies in the United States? We offer a full suite of services that includes brand experiences, influencer marketing, creative services, and so much more.

Brand Experiences

Connect directly with the emotions and experiences that customers have feel about your brand with experiential marketing. Create lasting impressions for maximum impact to generate followers and fans that accelerate your business and memories that last a lifetime.

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Don’t rely on the power of traditional marketing alone. Leverage the power of influencers by connecting directly with authentic audiences that want to engage with your brand. With over 5,000 celebrity and influencer deals brokered to date, Cogent World’s influencer marketing campaigns drive results.

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Creative Services

Content. Matters. Foster audience engagement with a vast range of support from video and photo production, to the creation of branded merchandise. Supercharge your brand’s message with effective creative services that foster engagement and drive results.

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Brand Partnerships

Reach a wider audience with impactful brand partnerships. Collaborate with the best brands to maximize your exposure and break into new markets with Cogent World’s curated set of over 500 brand partners.

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Talent Procurement

Simply partnering with talented people with a lot of followers isn’t enough. The best partnerships are authentic. Cogent World cultivates meaningful relationships that align with your organization’s core goals, values and vision. Our entertainment marketing agency can source the right talent to elevate your brand.

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Social Media

More than half of the world’s population is on social media (we bet you are too). That means: if you don’t have a well defined strategy, you’re behind. Effective social media marketing provides crucial data insights to maximize your impact, while helping you engage with millions of authentic users in genuine and impactful ways.

What We Do

Experiential and Influencer Marketing Campaigns For Maximimum Engagement

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Cogent World creates strategic communications that inspire people to take action. Ready to cut through the noise and broaden your marketing reach? Get started with one of the top entertainment marketing agencies in the United States – contact Cogent World:

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